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In the last years the world of ICT has experienced a large amount of changes. In the past, companies had their own data-center(s) and a high TOC (Total cost of ownership), now with the cloud as service, most companies changed their point of view. Together with this change, an extra pair of eyes is a benefit. This extra pair of eyes is personalized by a consultant or consultants. We are talking about some major changes and minor changes within the ICT environment. In order to make the best decisions, this extra pair of eyes and experience is a plus. In my years as a consultant I have been working in a variety of environments (homogene – heterogene – hybrid) with their own specific applications and needs. The benefit was and still is the hunger for more knowledge, experience and of course the people you meet on the work floor. I have learned that the input you receive from the internal employees is very important to make the right proposals for change or modification.

Working as a consultant has given me a larger view within the business market. I discovered new software packages, new hardware, and also a different way of designing an environment. For organizations without IT management skills, independent IT consultants can be valuable allies who help identify needs, find potential service providers, advise on provider selection, and help plan and manage the project. Though a service provider and a consultant may indeed duplicate roles, they do so with distinctly different perspectives — the consultant advocates for the best interests of the client.

What can a consultant offer:

  • Business savvy
  • Translating business needs into technical requirements
  • Vendor assessment capabilities
  • Project management skills (if you don’t want to rely on the service provider)

I include project management as an optional skill because most vendors have worked with non-IT people as their main contact at a customer and have their own project mechanisms in place. Being business savvy and being able to translate business needs into technical needs are critical to making strategic, rather than purely operational, IT decisions. A business-savvy IT person understands issues like return on investment, cost management, revenue generation, and marketing. Having the ability to identify potential service providers and evaluate their ability to successfully complete the project is not to be looked over either. By getting someone with these skills to help out, an organization can more safely move forward on an IT project when IT is not a strategic component of the organization.

So, if you need a consultant, just go to Talent-IT, they have the right people for your IT-needs.

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24 september 2018

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Ivan Van Overloop


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