Talent-IT helps your business source the right IT expertise.

We recognise just how important it is to get the right talent in the right place. In addition to training and specialisation, we also consider the language skills and personal ambitions of our professionals.

  • Client focus, with success and satisfaction our ultimate goal
  • Passion and hard work. Success doesn’t come on a silver platter
  • Efficient processes, low overheads and competitive prices
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3 talent formulas.

Talent-IT assists clients in the recruitment of the finest IT professionals with a variety of different profiles. From talented and highly motivated new entrants with diverse specialisations, to senior professionals with a wealth of experience.

IT sourcing

Temporary support from industry professionals with invaluable experience, and transparent billing over short, medium or long term time frames.

Try and hire

The perfect professional for your job vacancy, with the option of recruiting on a permanent basis following a six-month trial.

Permanent staff

Motivated junior professionals who are brought up to speed via our professional coaching and continuously monitored and evaluated in partnership with the client.

“An excellent employer-employee relationship: a superb basis for a successful collaboration.”

Christophe Boulenger

“I love working for Talent-IT. They provide exactly the right kind of support. Talent-IT recognises my competences, respects my skills and found my ideal job. They excel in placing the right person in the right place to maximise their qualities.”

testimonial persoon

Kevin Schoeters

“Consequential, reliable, vibrant, positive, committed… and extremely pleasant and friendly to boot. The best employer, hands-down.”

testimonial persoon

Stijn De Prekel

“Camaraderie, trust, support and openness ensures an optimal collaboration.”

testimonial persoon

Tony Bijl

A talent for solutions.

3 total solutions tailored to your business, based on extensive IT expertise and intelligent processes.

  • Managed Staffing Service
  • Master Vendor Service

  • Junior Classes

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