A company’s hiring process is often a black box: line managers typically send requests via email, suppliers present candidates directly to the line mangers and the contracts are negotiated outside of the procurement department. There’s absolutely no insight into the process, which is far from efficient as a result.

Online monitoring of the hiring process

A Vendor Management System (VMS) enables you to manage the entire hiring process, from the initial request to on- and offboarding, time registration and the billing of all your external employees (secondment, interim, freelance, …) in a single (cloud) application. We provide an online VMS system that’s customised to your organisation and allows the effortless administration and support of your processes. Submitting and monitoring requests, processing tenders (input directly into the system by the supplier), comparing candidates, … your hiring process will never be the same.

nummer 1   Your benefits

  • A highly controlled hiring process by virtue of meticulous process monitoring and comprehensive reporting
  • The optimisation of your administrative processes (CV, e-ID, contracts, time registration, billing, …)
  • Insight into supplier performance and the monitoring of contractual agreements
  • Interaction and integration with your ICT environment

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