Keen to optimise and better manage your sales? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Talent-IT Master Vendor Service delivers a customised solution regardless of your budget, the size of your organisation or the sector in which you operate.

Opt for our Master Vendor Service and you’ll benefit from a qualified team that gets instantly to work, either on-site in your organisation or at Talent-IT. This dedicated team is led by a seasoned account director who skilfully matches expertise with experience and acts as single point of contact (spoc). You’ll also enjoy additional support from our professional team who supervise all of the processes. Here too, the cooperation is contractually agreed and we strive for maximum efficiency.

nummer 1   What are the many benefits of our Master Vendor Services?

Choose for MVS and you’re choosing for significant IT improvements including:

  • centralised services

  • optimised monitoring

  • consistent service provision

  • uniform communication around procedures

  • distribution of targeted job orders

  • effective and efficient data management

  • innovative technology

  • performance measurability

  • full support

Interested in a successful partnership?
We’ve built a solid reputation based on:

  • mutual trust
  • long-term commitment
  • effective communication
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