The deployment of the right person to the right place to ensure a (cost) efficient organisation demands increasing flexibility, both from employees and organisations alike. Companies are systemically bolstering their numbers of external employees, whether these be agency staff, seconded employees, independent consultants or interim workers. This necessitates a corresponding improvement in hiring strategy.

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution directly addresses this requirement: a single contact point that forms the bridge between your organisation and the various suppliers of your external staff. The Talent-IT MSP seamlessly coordinates your hiring process and unlocks the job market via a limited number of suppliers or the entire market.

Single point of contact

Our MSP solution leaves the hiring of external employees to one independent party. We manage the end-to-end hiring process using an innovative vendor management system (VMS) that’s customised to your organisation. This provides you with constant insight into all things related to the procurement of external employees. We make the necessary arrangements and maintain the relationships with your suppliers and hiring managers. You benefit from one contract, one invoice, one contact point.

Tailored advice

The Talent-IT MSP solution also includes expert recommendations on the flexible deployment of your human resources. Indeed, our VMS boasts comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling us to perform continuous analysis and offer invaluable advice on the optimal performance of your hiring process.

nummer 1   Your benefits:

  • Improved management of the hiring process, resulting in demonstrable cost savings
  • Intensive knowledge of the hiring market leads to competitive, market-based rates
  • Your employees are able to devote more time to other business operations
  • One framework agreement, one invoice, one contact point
  • Full transparency and continuous monitoring of the hiring process
  • The end-to-end process, from request to invoice, is effortlessly managed in an optimised VMS

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