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Experienced professionals who are keen to join your organisation are often difficult to find. Which is why we offer an excellent alternative. We screen motivated juniors at the dawn of their career. We do this via a combination of coaching, talent management and assessment, and always in close consultation with the client. Because experience has taught us that not every company has the same expectations. Our recruitment process is based on motivation, availability, education level and location.

After selection, we actively engage in the coaching of your prospective junior professionals. We conduct this in partnership with highly qualified trainers who incorporate your specific requirements into tailored-made training. This personalised training program is fully funded by Talent-IT and preferably conducted at the client site.

Your future employees are rapidly brought up to speed in an exceptionally professional manner. Naturally, this service model does require a certain amount of client input in the form of job coaching. In concrete terms, this means that you monitor developments closely and we intervene where necessary. The price of our Junior Classes solution is calculated on a daily basis for a period of 12 months. At the end of this term you can extend the contract. Alternatively, you can proceed to the permanent recruitment of the candidate at no additional cost.

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  • mainframe technology

  • AS400 technology

  • software testing

  • application development (.NET, Java, PHP,…)

  • product owners

  • project managers

  • functional business analyst

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