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About Renée

Renée is a huge fan of numbers. Yet, even this comes a close second to the Grunblavers. (You’ll need to Google that one!)

As a Talent-IT accountant, Renée ensures that everything within the accounting system runs smoothly – she’s a firm but fair keeper of company income and expenditure.

If you enjoy healthy eating, then Renée’s also your ideal lunchtime companion: avocados, lettuce, tomatoes, fruit salad, you name it – she conjures all this and more from the depths of one of her 1000+ handbags.

Renée first began working at an accounting firm after graduating in fiscal science. In August 2015, she joined the ‘best team ever’ (admin team) at Talent-IT. She particularly appreciates the fun atmosphere, as well as the numerous opportunities that she receives. In fact, the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality suits her down to the ground.

nummer 1   Likes

  • Shopping
  • Shopping
  • Shopping
  • Upscaling her wardrobe so that she can indulge in yet more shopping

Contact Renée

T   +32 3 288 99 62E

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