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Field Manager

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About Maxime

The impressive elastic band collection on Maxime’s desk is not for tying back his hair. That seems to prefer falling out to turning grey. No, Maxime has made a sport out of creating the world’s longest elastic band chain during his lunch breaks.

Such trivial pursuits aside, Maxime boasts a wealth of professional experience. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 1993, he embarked upon a career in the heady world of Lotus Notes. He started out as a programmer at COI-Vlabric and ABSI, before working as a consultant at IBS T&S and A.N.E. Maxime later went on to fulfil the role of Systems/Applications Architect – Technical Consultant at Cegeka.

In 2014, he took a sideways move, assuming the position of Drupal Developer at Cegeka, and then Software Development Manager at Xenon54 in 2016.

Maxime joined Talent-IT in January 2017. As a Field Manager, he gets a genuine buzz from meeting people and helping others to progress. Maxime particularly relishes Talent-IT’s young and dynamic environment.

nummer 1   Likes

  • Cooking
  • Dining out
  • Enjoying a glass of wine (or two)
  • Relaxing by the swimming pool in Provence
  • My family

Contact Maxime

T   +32 3 870 51 59E

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