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About Leen

A strong cup of coffee is all that it takes to get Leen going in the mornings. Indeed, it rapidly restores her infectious energy and enthusiasm. If she had her way, it would also bestow her with an ability to read other people’s minds: a superpower that wouldn’t only prove indispensable in her job; but also in deciphering what her young daughters and other unsuspecting parties really think. And, should she be so lucky as to win the lottery – or better still, the Euro lottery – she’d instantly quit her job to go backpacking around New Zealand. Hopefully any eventual “jackpot” would be large enough for us all to join her: Talent-IT New Zealand … here we come!

Leen joined Talent-IT in October 2018, following a position as Employment Agency Consultant at Konvert Interim. For Leen, our enviable location, open company culture, impressive office views and challenging roles are what make Talent-IT the ideal workplace. And matching the right person to the right job gives her the personal satisfaction that she seeks to derive from her work.

nummer 1   Likes

  • Adventure travel
  • A good book, accompanied by an equally good glass of white wine
  • Quality time with her family

Contact Leen

T   +32 3 500 44 57E   leen.vanhoof@talent-it.be

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