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Managing Director

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About Jeroen

In his free time, Jeroen loves knocking a ball around the tennis court, although he’s the first to admit that he’s not quite ready for Wimbledon. He’s also a recent convert to football. 5 years ago, he knew almost nothing about the ‘great game’, yet ever since his son became a keeper at Club Brugge he’s virtually an expert. At weekends, you’ll often find him at the coast, and more specifically, cheering from the sidelines of the football pitch.

After completing a Master of Business Administration, Jeroen set almost straight to work in the world of IT. In fact, prior to Talent-IT, he only worked for 1 other company, where he quickly learned the tricks of the trade. This gave him an ideal grounding for making a success of Talent-IT. Now, many years later, he’s the proud Managing Director of a flourishing company with an exceptionally enthusiastic team.

nummer 1   Likes

  • Working hard
  • Playing hard
  • Friends and family
  • A glass of wine
  • Club Brugge

Contact Jeroen

T   +32 3 870 51 53E

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