Batoul Ennassiri

Account Manager

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About Batoul

Batoul is a veritable bright spark: creative, bubbly, quick off the mark, enterprising, friendly and helpful. Someone whom you’d expect to make the perfect colleague. An expectation that in our happy experience certainly isn’t misplaced! More than anything else, Batoul is passionate about Patrick. Not Talent-IT Patrick, but Patrick Dempsey of McDreamy fame. And, when whiling away the hours in her own personal dreamland, Batoul envisions herself performing a DJ set at Tomorrowland, skydiving or scaling Mount Kilimanjaro. A rather impressive bucket list, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Like her fellow female colleagues, Batoul enjoys food, shopping, food, shopping and food and shopping in no particular order. In fact, food is such a major part of her life that she’s decided to restrict her diet to between midnight and 10 am. Having tried virtually every dietary regime under the sun, this is the only recipe that works.

Batoul joined Talent-IT in October 2018, after accruing several years of sales and marketing experience. She particularly appreciates the open environment and is proud to be a part of the young and dynamic Talent-IT team. In her capacity as Account Manager Batoul consistently strives for 120% customer satisfaction.

Batoul Ennassiri: Accountmanager

nummer 1   Likes

  • Chocolate, sushi etc. (in other words, anything edible)
  • City trips

  • Shopping

Contact Batoul

T   +32 3 870 51 58E

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