All organisations ultimately face the same challenge – sourcing IT talent that works harder, and is more responsive and innovative than the competition. Coupled with a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity and profits.

Choose our management service and we’ll deliver a total, end-to-end solution for all your requirements. We provide a customised service provision that focuses firmly on expertise and is tailored to your personal expectations, thus rapidly optimising results and demonstrably improving cost-effectiveness.

Many organisations still opt for expertise and flexible talent in a decentralised manner. This often results in notably diverse results in terms of quality, productivity, costs and reporting. Talent-IT’s proven method ensures that our customers enjoy average savings of up to 20%.


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The outsourcing of projects can be organised over the short, medium or long term. If you opt for this particular business model, you’ll undoubtedly question whether you’ve succeeded in securing the requisite knowledge and expertise. Fortunately, you can safely entrust such concerns to Talent-IT. Thanks to our years of industry experience, with some of the largest companies and organisations in Belgium, we know that the right person in the right place is of paramount importance.

“We deliver a customised solution that focuses on expertise and is tailored to your personal expectations.”

How do we source the right person with the specific expertise that you require? We’ve built a qualitative network of trusted freelancers over the years. Each and every one is a consummate professional able to draw on years of experience and do far more than simply share their extensive IT knowledge. Indeed, they boast more than enough skills for the expert guidance and successful completion of even your most complex projects.

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“We deliver a customised solution that focuses on expertise and is tailored to your personal expectations.”

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Published on
17th March 2017

Written by
Anouck Van Den Kieboom


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