Managed Staffing Service

Managed Staffing Service

Most organizations still source flexible talent in a decentralized manner, resulting in wide fluctuations in quality, productivity, costs and reporting. Talent-IT´s proven methodologies help our customers saving average more than 20%.

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Our customer

  • specifies the number of seats needed for the assignment
  • specifies the needed profile per seat
  • determines the technical and personal skills for each profile needed
  • screens the candidates after initial selection by Talent-IT


  • assists you in drawing up detailed profiles
  • in consultation with you, delivers a detailed description of each profiles technical and
  • personal skills
  • manages the pool of resources
  • calculates the composition and size of the pool
  • takes care of the planning
  • takes care of the daily co-ordination
  • takes care of the long term planning
  • recruits and trains new people when needed
  • guarantees the availability of the requested profiles for the duration of the contract
  • regularly evaluates the competences of each staff member by recording performance of technical and personal skills

Our Managed Staffing Service can help you realize:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Standardization of rates
  • Rate visibility
  • Standardized policies and procedures
  • Standardized resource management (rates, duration, etc.)
  • A Single point of contact
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Back office integration capabilities
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Fulfilment ratios
  • Financial implications

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