IT Sourcing

IT Sourcing

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For IT-sourcing, Talent-IT detaches members of its own staff or freelancers as support for your project or as a temporary addition to your own staff base. As our customer, you will remain in charge of your project and the project members. You will be invoiced on a time & material basis. We assure you, furthermore, of our commitment. During the course of a project, Talent-IT will support the project members whenever this is needed.

Through IT-sourcing you will get access, on a temporary basis, to the best specialists we have available for any given assignment. Talent-IT guarantees you the very best conditions for the best possible results.

You can "project source" over the short, medium or long term. When you decide to contract secondment services, your main concern will always be: ‘Am I getting the best man or woman for the job? At Talent-IT your concern is ours! Many years of experience in working with the largest companies in Belgium and all types of organizations have taught us just how important it is to find the right person for the job.

How do we find that one person that has the specific knowledge that you are looking for? Our main asset is working with a highly diversified set of tools. We have access to an extensive number of potential collaborators via an up-to-date and performant database. Furthermore, Talent-IT specialists will share more than just their ICT knowledge with you. They have the skills to fully cooperate with you in a professional manner in executing the most complex projects.

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