At Talent-IT we value our IT-Talent, whether you are employee or freelancer.

Why choose Talent-IT

  • imgTalent-IT has a broad experience and expertise in a wide range of functional domains, various technologies and sectors. We have running projects at major clients in various sectors. We can offer you highly interesting assignments all over Belgium.
  • An extensive network of partners where you can benefit from, Talent-IT itself remains technology-independent, while maintaining the best possible relations with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM....
  • There are regular get-togethers, which everybody will enjoy. While we work hard, balancing work and life is an essential part of our work culture.
  • A company's real capital is often between the ears of its employees. An effective education strategy is of key importance in allowing this capital to show a full return and expand it further. We offer our consultants a flexible training and education plan adjusted to their ambition and expertise level.
  • Professional support and personal coaching are the basis of our success. We expect a lot from you but you also get every possibility to make it worthwhile. Continuous progress in your career is important. Evolving on your project or offering you a new challenge is our goal.
  • We offer our consultants a competitive salary and benefits according to their expertise and experience level. Depending on the consultant's level, the salary is accompanied with a company car and other benefits.

Of course freelancers are also very welcome at Talent-IT.
Besides an interesting project, an excellent fee, we also provide mentoring and specific training courses for our freelancers. We also invite you to our events, outings and activities. You are made to feel completely at home.

Send your cv to info@talent-it.be and we will contact you.